Tips: Mistika shortcut list

Tips: Mistika shortcut list

I started working on Mistika this summer when Slik, one of my clients bought a Mistika station to replace their Avid DS station. I’ve been learning more and more every time I’ve have the chance to get my hand on the station. One thing I found that was missing to help me in my learning experience is was a shortcut list that would gather all the ready to use shortcuts in one handy document.

On SGO’s forum, they suggest to open the keyboard shortcut config file in a text editor but I find this solution risky and hard to read. So I decided to edit my own Mistika shortcut list and share it with you.

I’ve gathered the default shortcut on Mistika 8.2. There are many more shortcuts that you can customize by opening the shortcut config file but I’ve started with those. If I find that some important shortcuts are missing feel free to suggest some modification.

Here is the link to the Mistika shortcut list in PDF:

TVC: Guignolée des médias 2014

TVC: Guignolée des médias 2014

I’ve been asked by Philippe Fafard at Slik if I’d be available to grade the 2014 TVC campaign for La Guignolée des Médias and I obliged.  La Guignolée des Médias happens once a year in Quebec. On that day, all the broadcasters, papers and other medias gather to raise money and food for the ones in need. So when Slik asked me if I’d be interested in the project, I volunteered.

The TVC was edited in 3 version: a 60sec, a 30sec and a 15sec. They concept was created but TamTam/TWBA, produced by JetFilms and directed by Mélanie Charbonneau. It was shot on ARRI Alexa by Mathieu Laverdière in Log C. This is one of the only time where I had to desaturate and lower the contrast of a LogC shot tv commercial. I was suggest to cut on saturation to push even more the feeling of emotional distress of the main character, a mother who looses her job and struggles with the daily task of feeding her children. In the final, it was very efficient.

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This gig was also my first TVC gig on Mistika. After trying ourselves at smoother project we decided that it was time to push the Mistika. We graded the 3 versions of the edit quite well and integrated the logos end texts. We really pushed it when time came to time to paint out the advertisements on the side of a moving bus and the logo on a hat. Well, actually, it was pretty easy using the integrated compositing and tracking tools. The paint tool also came in handy to remove the ads.

Wa also stabilized a couple of shots. Mistika has been very efficient to stabilize on axis while just smoothing the other ones.

Tv series: Ouisurf en Afrique

Tv series: Ouisurf en Afrique

Starting this Tuesday, November 25th, you’ll be able yo watch the 2nd season of Ouisurf on Evasion. This 13 episode surf show is now well know for it’s lifestyle approach to the travel show. Produced by Benjamin Rochette, the mastermind behind the Ouisurf branding, the show brings us to Africa where we discover the most beautiful surf spots, the beaches, the deep African culture and the people.

The show was beautifuly shot on 5D mmIII and the occasional GoPro by DP and director Jean-Philippe Pariseau (Parish). As we speak, I’ve graded the first 8 shows on Resolve 11. This is also the first show that was finished completely in Resolve for online editing, subtitling and packaging. I was surprised by how well it went.

Here is the teaser for this 2nd season:

OuiSurf en Afrique from on Vimeo.

To know more about Ouisurf, you can jump to their website at and you can load their interactive website during the show. It will sync with the broadcast and show additional content during the commercial breaks. It’s right here at

Caméra & Montage : Benjamin Rochette
Colo: Mathieu Marano
Motion Design : Fokus Productions
Musique : Hearts like ours – The Naked and Famous

DaVinci Resolve 11 shortcut cheat sheet

DaVinci Resolve 11 shortcut cheat sheet

Here is an updated version on the Resolve shortcut cheat sheet I did a while ago. This one is up te date with the latest 11.1 shortcuts.

Feel free to share an use it while crediting my website:

Click the link to download the file: Resolve11shortcuts_ilovehue

And here is a JPG version to use as desktop background/wallpaper (2560×1600):