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2014 December | ilovehue - Mathieu Marano's personnal website

TVC: McDonald’s Hockey restaurant

TVC: McDonald’s Hockey restaurant

Hockey season is going strong in Montreal ans McDonald’s just opened a new restaurent next to the Bell Center. They hired Cossette to create a tv commercial for the event. Jet Films produced the 15 sec TVC shot on F55 by director and DP Alexis Durand-Brault.

I was called for a day of color grading at Jet Films on their DaVinci Resolve station. This was a pretty straight forward gig. The biggest struggle was to animate mask over the menus to make the light one by one. Otherwise simple masks were used to isolates the team members from the background that had to be remove or hidden as much as possible.



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Short movie: Le Pédophile

Short movie: Le Pédophile

After working on the Reebok TVC I was asked by DP and producer Jean-Philippe Bernier to work on a short movie directed by Ara Ball. Produced by Les Enfants Terribles, this short movie titled “Le Pédophile”.

The movie is about revenge and acts of abuse happening in two different eras: the 80s ant the 2000s. Ball really had an interesting approach to this hard subject.

For this gig I did a first grading on the Resolve station at PMT because they have a nice and calibrated Christie DCI compliant projector. We did a first approval for the P3 version then exported the DCPs for the screening. A second session was schedules in the DCI room to convert the DCP-ready master to REC 709. I used a P3 to REC709 I created to get 90% on the job done then did the remaining of the job by hand.

Then I went back to my home setup to do the online and versions for TV, web and promo.

Here is the trailer:

Le Pedophile (trailer 2014) from Les Enfants Terribles Home Video on Vimeo.