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2014 March | ilovehue - Mathieu Marano's personnal website

WEB: Ma vie amoureuse de marde

WEB: Ma vie amoureuse de marde

Here a little review of my work on the teaser of a web series I worked on last week. It’s not often I get to post a clip so quickly but we need some likes on it to get the money to actually produce the full season so here it goes.

The original idea comes from the Montreal humorist, Anne-Marie Dupras, who started to use her love life as an inspiration for web sketches. Martin Berardelli them approached her to produce a whole season of these funny clips. So he gathered a team to shoot this teaser.

The shoot

On set, DP Kevin Champagne Lessard was willing to shoot with his Sony FS100. As I knew we wouldn’t have much time to light the set, even though we ha a full set of 6 Dedo lights, I wanted to get the best image I could get from the camera. I borrowed a Sound Devices Pix240i from Sono-technique. This way I was able to record ProRes 422 HQ files instead of the AVCHD files of the FS100. The other nice surprise was that the Pix240i was able to remove the pulldown sequence from the 29.97 HDMI feed of the FS100 and record a native 23.98.

After a week of editing I got the final cut. It was easily conformed in Resolve since the data wrangling was so well doneā€¦ by me. I usually use the Scene Cut detection tool for foreign projects but with such a short movie and possible changes along the way I thought it was safer this way.

My FSI monitor showing the frame to the director and the DP. Yous can see the FS100 with the Pis 240i and the Dedo lighting kit.

My FSI monitor showing the frame to the director and the DP. You can see the FS100 on the SHAPE rig with the Pix 240i and the Dedo lighting kit.