TV Series: Complexe G

TV Series: Complexe G

In August I started grading a new TV series called “Complexe G”. It’s a comedy based on the Dutch series “Toren C”. In these 13 episodes we follow coworkers through their work day in a common office.

The show, produced by QuebeComm, was shot by DP André Perron on C300s and KiPro minis. The decision of using KiPros was made in pre-production to get a little more info from the C300 trading the 50mbps mpeg-based codec for the 220 mbps ProRes HQ.Windows were overexposed with the help of white diffusion. This helped closing the open set that was in a real office space in Quebec city.

Also, each character got a special treatment: Karine, the boss is surrounded by red objects, Sarah, the HR director is dressed and is surrounded by impeccable white, Nathalie, the assistant, is dressed in faded colours.

The show was edited in Media Composer and graded on Resolve 11.

The first episode will air on September 17th at 9PM on TVA