This is my color grading demo put together from bits of feature, shorts, commercials, music videos and tv series projects I graded in 2015 in DaVinci Resolve, Mistika and Speedgrade.

This demo doesn’t contain before/after shots or grade breakdowns because I find this technique is overrated and misrepresent the work of the DPs I work with. If you want to see breakdowns in which I show technical how-to you may have a look at my VIMEO feed and my website:

For work inquiries, you can contact me via the contact form on my website too. I’m available for remote, local, on set and worldwide grading gigs.

Music: Gold Horizon –

My 2014 demo is now available online. It shows some of the fiction work I graded on Resolve, Speedgrade and Mistika. Here is the link to the HD version:

Mathieu Marano – Color grading demo – 2014 from Mathieu Marano on Vimeo.

So here is my colour grading demo. Most of the projects in this video were graded on Resolve and SpeedGrade. To watch it in HD follow this link:

Demo 2013:

Color grading demo 2013 – Mathieu Marano – from Mathieu Marano on Vimeo.


Demo 2012

Now time to work on my mograph demo…
Meanwhile, you can watch some of the productions I worked on by following this link.