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Tv series: Ouisurf en Afrique | ilovehue - Mathieu Marano's personnal website

Tv series: Ouisurf en Afrique

Tv series: Ouisurf en Afrique

Starting this Tuesday, November 25th, you’ll be able yo watch the 2nd season of Ouisurf on Evasion. This 13 episode surf show is now well know for it’s lifestyle approach to the travel show. Produced by Benjamin Rochette, the mastermind behind the Ouisurf branding, the show brings us to Africa where we discover the most beautiful surf spots, the beaches, the deep African culture and the people.

The show was beautifuly shot on 5D mmIII and the occasional GoPro by DP and director Jean-Philippe Pariseau (Parish). As we speak, I’ve graded the first 8 shows on Resolve 11. This is also the first show that was finished completely in Resolve for online editing, subtitling and packaging. I was surprised by how well it went.

Here is the teaser for this 2nd season:

OuiSurf en Afrique from ouisurf.ca on Vimeo.

To know more about Ouisurf, you can jump to their website at www.ouisurf.ca and you can load their interactive website during the show. It will sync with the broadcast and show additional content during the commercial breaks. It’s right here at Ouisurf.tv

Caméra & Montage : Benjamin Rochette
Colo: Mathieu Marano ilovehue.net
Motion Design : Fokus Productions fokusproductions.ca
Productions ouisurf.ca
Musique : Hearts like ours – The Naked and Famous youtube.com/watch?v=gqUJdcCjUIA



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