Web Series: Ouisurf Kooks & Hurricanes

Web Series: Ouisurf Kooks & Hurricanes

Ouisurf is back for another surf adventures. In Kooks & Hurricanes, they teamed up with Honda to travel to northern coasts. In these 3 episodes, they show us amazing surf spots in not so familiar places: Maine, British-Columbia and Rhode Island.

I graded the three episodes on Resolve in my studio following a very different path than what I had done with the previous tv series. Guys wanted to have a more East Coast vibe, more earthy.

I went for some very vibrant greenish blues that really represented how cold the water was. Contrast and sharpness were pushed on portraits the give back some details in the skin tones that fell right in the complementary colors of the water.

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The Tofino episodes was darker but full of nice greens brought by the wet forest sections. I really was a fun to bring out the life in the trees and the wooden house.

Here are two episodes:

Kooks and Hurricanes – Ep 01 – Maine from ouisurf.ca on Vimeo.

Kooks and Hurricanes – Ep 02 – Tofino from ouisurf.ca on Vimeo.

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