DaVinci Resolve 11 shortcut cheat sheet

DaVinci Resolve 11 shortcut cheat sheet

Here is an updated version on the Resolve shortcut cheat sheet I did a while ago. This one is up te date with the latest 11.1 shortcuts.

Feel free to share an use it while crediting my website: www.ilovehue.net

Click the link to download the file: Resolve11shortcuts_ilovehue

And here is a JPG version to use as desktop background/wallpaper (2560×1600): http://ilovehue.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Resolve11shortcuts_ilovehue21.jpg


  1. Tjank you made copy to place nearby untill most is learned.

  2. I like them. Will you make a resolve 12 shortcut cheatsheet as well?

    Thanks, John

  3. Thank you for these. I too would like to know if you will be updating it for 12. Thanks again

  4. Or even better, a 12.5 one. Please?
    It is really good…


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