tv series: Patrice Lemieux 24/7

tv series: Patrice Lemieux 24/7

This was a quick but exciting project. Patrice Lemieux 24/7 is a 10-episodes original series for Super Écran, a French-Canadian movie Network. This is their first original series.

Through the 10 episodes, we follow Patrice Lemieux, a well known Canadian hockey player that represents all the pre-made ideas and cliches you’ve know about hockey players. Built as a faux-reality show, each episodes let us follow Lemieux and it’s family’s not so ordinary day-today life.

The show, produced by KOTV, was shot by Pat Morin on Sony F55 in HD SR LT. Everyday, the shot were converted to DNxHD with a LUT I built for the show. As the show had to be graded on Mistika at Slik, I didn’t have the tools to create 3D LUTs in the station so I used LightSpace CMS and graded a plate over their LUT templates. It was then translated to a .3DL for the dailies created in Resolve and to an .itx for quick grades in Mistika.

The final look is a rich but true to reality render of the set. The director wanted to stay on the thin line between reality tv and fiction. So contrasts were pushed a little more than usual and skin tones were brought toward some pinkish hues.

This was my first full gig on Mistika. I had done commercials and graded a tv series but, on this one, I had to do the online too. So, all the credits, overlays and bumpers were added in the same session as the grading. We were also able to do most of the VFX and comps in the Mistika. We often had to hide a logo, remove a mic pole or replace a sign. It all went smoothly.


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I can’t put a whole show but here is a teaser:

Patrice Lemieux 24/7 À SUPER ÉCRAN dès le 4 mai from Bell Media Télé on Vimeo.

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