Tv series: Mon ex à moi

Tv series: Mon ex à moi

“Mon ex à moi” is a tv series produced by Avanti for the French Canadian broadcaster Series+. It’s the story of Amelie who desperately tries to win her ex back.

The show was shot last spring in a record time by DP Philippe Roy on Canon EOS C300. The 16 x 30min episodes were edited on Avid at PMT. That’s were I graded all the episodes. They have one nice Resolve room supported by the big Resolve control surface, a Sony OLED monitor and a 2K Christie projector.

The show was given a reduced dynamic rage to keep a milky feel to it. The white were soften and compressed a lot and the low lights remained above the 5%. The look remains the same across all the episodes and sets that are mostly warm except for the office where the main character works and her room. We tried to keep vibrant colors without over saturating.

Here are some stills of the show:

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Here a teaser:

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