Music video: Coeur de Pirate “Carry on”

Music video: Coeur de Pirate “Carry on”

This was my second collaboration with director Kevin Calero. Romeo&Fils produced this music video for “Carry On”, the first single of Coeur de Pirate’s new and first English album.

It was shot by Christophe Collette in an ancient church in Ontario. The choreography was shot in the day, then, again, at night and edited together by Kevin on Premiere.

The edit was sent to Workshop MileEnd for some VFX. They rendered out a 4K ProRes file that I got into Resolve for the final grade.

The video is now available online:

Here are some stills:

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I was also asked to grade a short promo video to be distributed via social medias like Instagram.


SOON #coeurdepirate

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It was shot in LA by Jessica Lee Gagné on Alexa. It was treated as 4:3 and given a very dessert and natural look.

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