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Scam Cities on air now

Scam Cities on air now

Scam Cities, the show I’ve been working on for the past months is on air on Travel+Escape in Canada.  It should get to National Geographic Channel this Fall.  This travel show features Conor Woodman who tries to uncover the tourist scams in major cities in the world.

The show was shot on Red Epic, Canon 7D, GoPro and hidden cams (button, glasse, umbrellas…).  It was mainly edited on Media Composer and then conformed in DaVinci Resolve 8 at Société Digitale where I (and Pierre-Luc Rioux) graded the 10 shows.  The final online is done in FInal Cut Pro 7.

So far, 3 shows were broadcasted on T+A: Prague, Rio and Marrakesh.  They are already on YouTube.  Here is the link the the website and the YouTube channel with all the shows. And here is the Marrakesh show.  I had a lot of fun grading Epic shot of this wonderful city.

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