TV Series: Un Chef à la Cabane

TV Series: Un Chef à la Cabane

When a world class chef buys a sugar shack you wouldn’t expect him to raise it’s own porks and build his own smoker from a trashcan but this exactly what Martin Picard does in the new tv series: Un Chef à la Cabane. Presented at Télé-Québec, this cooking show also bring you behind the scenes. Picard and his colleagues turn the sugar shack into a maple sirup laboratory.

The show is shot on Sony F3 and FS-700 in s-log which il very nice to save the highlights in the snow and the insides where the ovens that aren’t that well light.  It is edited on Final Cut Pro 7 and I graded every episode but the first in DaVinci Resolve 9.

Here is the link to the micro-website of the show:


  1. Nicolas Bilodeau

    Beau travail de colo sur le 2 ème épisode! Merci à toi!!!

  2. Nicolas Bilodeau

    Le prochain show sera tourné avec la nouvelle F5 et la F3!!

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