Music video: Heartstreets – cruising with you

Music video: Heartstreets – cruising with you

Shot over two days in two locations, this music video directed by Charlotte Ratel Zachary Lavertu show a who’s very passionate about music fall in love with a deaf girl. Slow vistas, emotional close ups and vibrant portraits shot by Christophe Dalpé.

The 4 different sets were treated independently. The range of the Alexa and the art direction helped a lot. The 2-tone lighting also did a wonderful job on the recorders and the portraits.

Here are some still from my grade.

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And here is the final result:

Cruising With You from Heartstreets on Vimeo.

Cruising with you by Heartstreets
Produced by Coton&Club
Directors: Charlotte Ratel et Zacharie Lavertu
Production: Coton & Club
DOP: Christophe Dalpé
Actors: Julianne Côté et Guillaume Laurin
Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFACT, a division of Bell Media Inc.

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