Music video: Philippe B “Nous irons jusqu’au soleil”

Music video: Philippe B “Nous irons jusqu’au soleil”

This is a nice music video I graded for Philippe B’s new single “Nous irons jusqu’au soleil”. It a nice piece featuring 10 dogs with theirvery own personality. The video that could, at first, relate to some other pieces like the popular “Island in the sun” by Weezer but goes beyond the cute animal cliche. There is a nice narrative touch in the edit and we understand the relation between the different dogs. We follow the hound from the deep bottom of a cavern to the freedom feel of the open wild. I suggest you watch until the last shot.


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The music video was shot on RED Epic and GoPro by Guillaume Beaudoin and directed by BAZ. It was graded in Resolve at ilovehue studio.


Maison de prod : Roméo & Fils
Producteur : Martin Henri
Réalisateur : Laurence BAZ Morais
DOP: Guillaume Beaudoin
Ass Cam: Harold Cassière
Monteur : Philippe Gariepy
VFX : Olivier Masson
Colorisation : Mathieu Marano
Production: Max Walker et Gilles Pinaudeau
Assistant de prod. : Mylène Meunier
Concept de Laurence BAZ Morais et Mylène Meunier
L'équipe GUIDES CANINS: Dallas, Kash, Dream, Diva, Phoenix, Romeo, Zoom, Bagnole, Inès, Diego, Tara, Brody, Drue, Ali, Delphine & Ivie maniés par Diane Rockburn, Marie-Claude Lantagne & Christine Lees

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