Music video: Blue Volvo by Loud Lary Ajust

Music video: Blue Volvo by Loud Lary Ajust

This is a nice little music video I worked on a couple weeks ago. Very low light result shot on Alexa. The deal was to stay as low key as possible while keeping come details.

The piece is part of Loud Lary Ajust‘ s latest album. It was shot in a day by DP Jessica Lee Gagné during a not so cold day of June so the team wasn’t freezing its a$$ in the water.

The footage was graded from scratch in DaVinci Resolve at my studio in July. It was a nice and quick gig. As the shots were captured across the day, water reflections and sky textures weren’t quite matching but some power windows here and there helped a lot.

Here are some before and after:

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Here is the final result.

LOUD LARY AJUST – BLUE VOLVO from Martin C. Pariseau on Vimeo.

Director – Martin C. Pariseau
Production – France-Aimy Tremblay (Roméo & Fils)
DP – Jessica Lee Gagné
Production Director – Desneiges Paquin
Camera assiatants – Jeanne Dupuis & Lola Lou
Grip – Samuel Boisvert
SFX – L’intrigue
Editor – Xavier Lévesque
Colorist – Mathieu Marano

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