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Web-series: Disparus & Chick’N Swell

Web-series: Disparus & Chick’N Swell

En septembre dernier j’ai été approché pour faire l’étalonnage de la web-série Disparus écrite par les Chick’N Swell. Le projet était ambitieux: produire une série d’enquête interactive qui est à la fois drôle et mystérieuse. Ce fut un plaisir de jouer avec les différentes ambiances qui passaient de l’absurde au suspense.

La série a été tournée cet été en C300 par Vlad. Le tout a été monté sur Media Composer chez Toxa et étalonné chez moi sur DaVinci Resolve.


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Voici un teaser:

La camionnette de tournée des Chick’n Swell a été découverte abandonnée dans une clairière; le trio d’humoristes est introuvable depuis. Seul rescapé, leur chauffeur a été retrouvé à proximité du véhicule. La Sécurité du Québec a dépêché un agent sur place pour enquêter, avec l’appui de la police locale, sur les mystérieuses circonstances de cette disparition. Disparus est une websérie interactive écrite par les Chick’n Swell, réalisée par Robin Aubert et interprétée par Alexis Martin et Luc Guérin.

Production: Radio-Canada, Encore, Toxa
Réalisation: Robin Aubert
DP: Vlad

Vous pouvez participer à l’enquête ici: www.disparus.ca

Color grading demo – Mathieu Marano – 2013

Color grading demo – Mathieu Marano – 2013

Here is my new demo reel. It’s edited with bits of the latest projects I did this year. Most of the were graded in Resolve and SpeedGrade at ilovehue, Looklabs or other clients post houses.

You’ll find part of tv series, tv commercials and feature film I graded. If you want to see more you can browse my website or just write to me and ask for more.

Color grading demo 2013 – Mathieu Marano – ilovehue.net from Mathieu Marano on Vimeo.

TV series: Alien, the definitive guide

TV series: Alien, the definitive guide

Last week I got to work with the Digital Cut team on a new series for Discovery and Science Channel. After the success of Shark Week, they are going after Extra Terrestrial beings. Alien: The definitive guide tells everything there is to know on aliens: what they look like, how they would travel, would they be friendly. It airs right now in USA, Canada and UK.

The show is produced by Arrows in the UK and Handel in Canada. It was shot with a Canon C300 and a good ol’ Canon 5D as b-cam. It also has quite a lot of archives and new CGI animations. It was edited on Media Composer, I graded episode 2 on Resolve. CGI shots were created at Mokko in Montreal. Here is the link to the producer’s website: http://handelproductions.ca/works/work-page/id/78

TV Series: Ouisurf

TV Series: Ouisurf

Early November I got a call from Toxa, a Montreal production company who was looking for a colorist for a suf show. You don’t get this offer too often in Montreal. Lots of snowboard, but surf… not so much.

Ouisurf started as a website oriented at Quebec surfers. They were doing a amazing job at keep up with all the news and competitions. They are also renewed for their surf trip videos. I’m not a surfer and I was following their journeys. So when I was asked to work on the TV series I accepted with joy.

The 13 episode show will be broadcasted by Evasion starting January 10th at 9PM. Follow Jean-Michel and Benjamin as they try to find the best surf spot in Asia.

They show was shot mainly with Canon 5D mk III and GoPro. It was edited in FCP7 and I graded in DaVinci Resolve 9 on my FSI monitor. It was my first complete job with the FSI. I’ll post a link as soon as it’s online.

OS1301-Extrait from Évasion on Vimeo.

EN onde dès le 10 janvier 2013 à 21h sur Évasion.

TV series: Fatal Vows

TV series: Fatal Vows

For the past months I’ve been working as a colourist and online editor on a Fatal Vows.  This new show was produced by CMJ Productions for Investigation Discovery in the US. It’s a documentary/re-enactment series that tell the stories of some marriages that ended badly…very badly.

The 13 episodes were shot Canon C300 with a 5D mkII as second cam. Both were rolling in 1080p at 23.98. They were edited on Final Cut Pro 7, graded on Color and finished with FCP7.

If you are interested, here is the link to the Fatal Vows mini website:


 The show will also air on CTV and Canal D (French) in Canada. It’s also being distributed in England and Australia.