Music video: Ariane Moffatt “Debout”

Music video: Ariane Moffatt “Debout”

Ariane Moffatt collaborated with ValléeDumamel to produce and direct the music video for Debout, the first single of newly released album 22h22.

Based on a choreography by Isabelle Boulanger, two dancers evolve in four different sets. Each set, representing a different room, was painted in a different color. To save time, DP Simon Duhamel used a gelled 12K to wash the white cyclo with the different colors. In the grading room, I only had to enhance those colors, bring back the different elements by removing unwanted color casts and make sure these color were broadcast safe.

Surprisingly, this dance video doesn’t use much cuts but comes out as a very active piece. Most of the dynamics are the results of the steady cam following the dancers across the sets. The result is a movie that is both an eye candy and an ear worm.

Here are some still pull off to explain the grades I did:

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Here is the video:

Ariane Moffatt – Debout (Vidéoclip officiel) from Ariane Moffatt on Vimeo.

Paroles et musique : Ariane Moffatt
Réalisateurs : Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel
Maison de production : Vallée Duhamel
D.O.P : Simon Duhamel
Superviseur VFX + post production : Joshua Sherrett – Workshop
Montage : David Valiquette
Étalonnage : Mathieu Marano

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