Web: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Web: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Every time I work on a project with ValléeDuhamel it’s a lot of fun. This time it was to recreate the creative environment enabled by the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pen as an artist would see it.

Shot on Epic Dragon by DP JP Bernier, the 45 spot is all real hands, objects and gestures … no 3D models. Il was edited and comped by Josh Sherrett @ Mile End Workshop who used some morph and comp tricks to fuse the take together.

The grading  gig consisted of giving the scene a very pictural and analog look while playing on the edge of the cartoon universe. I had to match the various background, match the color of the closely tinted objects and fill mask quite a few flying objects.

That’s when Resolve becomes really handy. I was able to give a node for nearly object and animate them independently. The non-linear nature of the node tree also enabled me to efficiently key some hard-to-get colours.


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Samsung – Creativity at work from Vallée Duhamel on Vimeo.

Client : Samsung
Agency : Heaven
Directors & Visual Concept : Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel (Vallée Duhamel)
Art Director : Carolyne De Bellefeuille (Vallée Duhamel)
Graphic Manager : Olivier Charland (Vallée Duhamel)
Set Manager : Jean-Constant Guigue (Vallée Duhamel)
Art Department : Frédéric Bouin, Thomas Salaun, Faye Duhamel
DOP : Jean-Philippe Bernier
Production Manager : Inès Steinmetzer (Vallée Duhamel)
Director Assistant : Karine Lamontagne
Hair and Make-up Artist : Léonie Lévesque
Dresser : Valérie Brousseau
Casting Director : Roxanne Doucet
Location Researcher : Anouck Serra Godard
Chief Electrical Officer : Hugo Roy
Key Grip : Stéphane Klopp
Assistant Cameraman : Anthony Huneault
Sound man : Dominic Heizmann
Editor : Josh Sherett @ The Workshop
Color grading : Mathieu Marano
Music : XS Studio

And here is the making of:

Making-of : Creativity at work from Vallée Duhamel on Vimeo.



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