Next project for National Geographic

Next project for National Geographic

I can’t really show any footage for now so stay tuned to National Geographic for a show I’m working on.  Here is the description as seen on the producer’s website:

“Traveller’s Tales” is a new and original 10 episodes documentary series. It will be an informative travel show that emphasizes each city as a fantastic travel destination, but at the same time draw attention to the potential pitfalls that await the unwary tourist. They range from ticket touts to pickpockets, with some schemes so clever and sophisticated they can fool even the most experienced traveller. It’s the eternal tug of war between tourist and those who target tourists. At the end of each episode we’ll see who comes out ahead, and learn some essential lessons to enhance every traveller’s experience.

It is shot on RED Epic, 7D, GoPro and a bunch of spy cams.  I tag-team for the colour grading with Pierre-Luc Rioux on DaVinci Resolve.

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