Procedure: FCP to RESOLVE

Procedure: FCP to RESOLVE

In the past months I’ve done a lot of freelance grading gig. Clients send me their hard disk and I grade their film in my suite and I send them back the drive. Pretty easy isn’t it? Well, not for everybody so I end up spending a lot of time on the phone with editors, assistant-editors and technical directors explaining them how to export an XML and how to do a Media Manager the right way. So I decided to write a simple procedure to help them and to save me some time.

So here is an 11 pages procedure explaining how to prepare a Final Cut project and all the elements needed to send a film to a colourist working on Resolve. Don’t worry, it’s not too long, I just took time to explain some details, took screenshots, wrote a table of content and tried to indulge some basic naming theory.  I also added a form for client to fill and send with their project.


As english is not my first language, feel free to send me comments or to report mistakes by email at matATilovehueDOTnet


  1. Hi Mathieu
    I’ve recently discovered your website and I have to say that I found it pretty interesting and useful.
    I’m a junior colorist learning on my own and your tips and tricks are helping me a lot so far. This post in particular is an ideal guide I’ll use in the next few days to deal with my first short film project as a colorist, from the very beginning.
    Thanks very much for your dedication!

    Mar S.Prieto

  2. So generous. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Marc Wielage

    Very thorough, and your explanations are very straightforward. Good job!

  4. David Block

    HI Mathieu.
    Very comprehensive. Nice job. Thank you for being gracious with you experience with this workflow. I find through the sharing of knowledge we become stronger, not weaker. You practice that! Again thanks.

  5. Many thanks for sharing. Very well written!


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